Who’s who?

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Bill Dittlinger

 Owner of Music Encounters / Piano and Voice Coach/Worship Arts Degree


Ricky Jefferson

Guitar and Piano Coach/ Public School Music Teacher / Worship Director


Joy Warrick

Voice Coach / Worship Director / Actively Sings & Tours

  John Sheiber

Drums, Guitar, Ukulele Coach / Rock Camp Leadership

Mikaela Disinger / Piano Coach / College Student

Kaileb O'Conner / Drum Coach / Purdue University Grad

  Todd Blower / Guitar, Piano, Drums, Voice, Ukulele, Mandolin Coach /

Music Degree / Worship Leader

  Emily Korus / Beginner Piano / Guitar / Ukulele Coach

Holden Berlin / Marching Band Instrument Private Lesson Coach

Music Education Degree