Complete Enrollment

We are honored you've chosen Music Encounters for your lessons!

If you haven't already worked with us to  be matched with your teacher and set your recurring lesson day and time with us, please contact us on Facebook, email us at or call or text us at 800-606-2067. 

If you already have been matched with your Teacher and set your recurring lesson day and time with us, here are the steps remaining to complete enrollment and get started with lessons:

1.  Review the policies below

2.  Complete the form below for your student(s) and yourself

3.  Receive and return our secure PandaDoc policy & payment document 


You have reserved your teacher and set a recurring weekly appointment for the same day/time each week.

Payment of your first lesson and materials is required before starting your first lesson.  Most lessons require a book and a set of theory flash cards.  We will let you know your specific materials cost and include that with your payment for your first lesson.  We will order and mail materials to you via Amazon once this payment is received.  Materials may not be available at your first lesson, but are normally available by the second lesson.  If any materials are required for "homework" at the end of your first lesson, the teacher will provide appropriate temporary materials.  An example would be a copy of the page(s) you need from your lesson book.

Attendance is recorded and expected.  We realize sometimes life gets in the way and occasionally you may need to miss a lesson.  We attempt to provide a makeup lesson but cannot always guarantee our makeup schedule will match yours.  It is your responsibility to work with your teacher and/or our Studio Office Managers to schedule any necessary makeups.  Payment is required regardless of attendance.  This guideline helps ensure our consistent service to the community at a minimal price for all.

We provide a simple auto-payment plan that keeps us focused on our Students progress, rather than collections.  You can choose recurring weekly or monthly payments using either a free bank draft (ACH) or use a debit/credit card.  Note that debit/credit cards carry a 3% processing fee which will be added.  Weekly payments are auto-processed on Monday mornings each week.  Monthly payments are auto-processed each month on the 1st. (Monthly payments are prorated on a 50 week year rather than 52 to account for 2 weeks vacation and fluctuating 4 week vs. 5 week months)

Lesson may be stopped at any time with 2 weeks notice to your teacher or our Studio Office Managers.  Payment will be collected for these 2 weeks.